What we Do

Generate 10x sales pipeline in weeks


  • Find the right people in the companies with whom you want meetings
  • Create and send out customized, targeted email campaigns
  • Facilitate and set up face to face meetings and conference calls for the sales team
  • Manage your company's relationship with prospective clients
  • Keep a constant watch on the market and assist you in finding a compelling message that turns client interest into action

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Prepare your business for explosive growth


  • Assess existing sales organization
  • Craft roadmap to success
  • Develop/implement sales components
    • Origination Engine
    • Qualification Engine
  • Capture Methodology/Training
  • Negotiation Methodology/Training
  • Sales Continuation Methodology/Training
  • Selection of Origination team
  • Selection of sales team
  • Balanced Score Card development for all components and phases

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Get results with no extra cost

No magic bullets or secret sauce in what we do - just common sense, hard work, and a thinking approach to sales excellence.

We call it a "sales force multiplier" effect: a way to find and keep a customized, relevant dialogue with your client base.

Focus your very limited sales marketing resources by using tested field sales methodology and tools.

You guide the elaboration and strategy to dramatically increase your sales. We work hard to get you many more "at-bats" - and each one has a better chance of success.

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